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We are an Admin company facilitate contracts between Experts and Instructors ( Agencies & Solicitors ).

Instructions are received for the experts and appointments are processed for the claimant`s at a convenient time and location.

We are actively recruiting to expand our panel across the country. Secure additional work at your convenient locations and times.

We provide regular training towards MedCo accreditation for all our experts.

C-Diary and Coral Reports provide On-line Appointments and MOJ Compliant reports.

Process of Registration

Register with MedCo as a Direct Medical Expert ( Regulatory body ) and complete MedCo Accreditation training ( On line module ) .

Register with ICO ( Information Comminsioner )

Indemnity to provide Medico Legal reports.

If you require more information , please do not hesitate to contact us.

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Please contact us on 0161 4869985 or email for more information.

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